June 25th, 2010


Memory of Motlow Banshee Bonk Moffatt 4/88-8/2006

I was going to tell this story to a friend in IM, but it would take forever. So here is one of my favorite Motlow Moments. It’s been almost 4 years now since he’s been gone, and when I was in that examining room at the vet last week with Dickens it made me cry. Jenn is so emo!

We used to have a coffee table with glass inserts. One day I decided to take them out and wash them. Reece’s cat, Opala, the original pigmy panther, approached the vacant space and touched it with his paw. Opala then sat back and processed the information before finding somewhere else to lay down.

Now Motlow, never the sharpest wad of cotton, put both front paws through the space and fell under the table. Then he hopped back up and sat on the space, and fell through under the table. Then he stood on the edge and rolled onto his side, and fell through the table.

Reece told me to hurry up and clean the glass before my stupid cat killed himself.

I miss you Spud. You were the sweetest, dumbest, cat ever born in a laundry room.