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jleemoffatt's Journal

J. Lee Moffatt

I've wanted to be a writer since I read the book Harriet the Spy when I was a kid. I started keeping a journal back then in a spiral notebook in my desk drawer. Harriet was my hero. It was so great to be able to write whatever I wanted and exorcise my demons. The problem was when I got into trouble for it. The principal of the school I was in and I had a rousing battle over my constitutional rights. I remember telling her "if a fetus has constitutional rights, then I certainly have them as a twelve year old." She called my mother who said "well she's right isn't she?" Gotta love my mom. She defended me when I got into trouble for practicing witchcraft at the age of 13 too by pointing out "where do you think she got the books?"

I was constantly writing short stories and Star Trek fiction all through high school in Las Vegas, but never tried to publish anything. When I was almost finished with my English BA, I realized that I would end up frying hamburgers with that one, and switched to Journalism. I was frustrated with the English program since it was dedicated to teaching you how to read. I'd been reading since I was 3. It was writing that I wanted to learn to do. Journalism wasn't the best move for that either. It took me many years to work in my field, and many more years to remember how to write fiction. Just the facts ma'am writing stunted my creativity.

I became a Role Player in college, and would create complex characters and worlds for them to play in. I made my way through AD&D and on to Vampire the Masquerade over the years. VtM is where most of my playing is done now a days, even if the world is from some other genre, we convert to those rules for simplicity and because they basically rock.

Like many people I would swear whenever something that was like one of my ideas was made into a movie or TV show, but it wasn't until the 2005 NANOWRIMO that I finally put my fingers to the keys to finish a novel. A bit after Christmas I completed the first book in the Han Tokyo series, Smoke & Steel, but after passing it along for a critique to Rachel Caine, I realized that it should probably be the 3rd or 4th book in the series. I'm now writing the first book called Origami Moon set in Tokyo in the 23rd Century. For information about Han Tokyo go to www.vitaenoir.com.

My Books - That will hopefully be published in the near future.
Ashes to Ashes is the 1st book that chronicles the history of Denver Sinclair .

There are worse places to be caught sleeping late than next to the woman you love. Except when you're a vampire and the world comes crashing down around your ears just minutes before dawn.

Held body and soul by his vicious sire, the Lady Zi Yang, for a debt that will take him centuries to pay, Denver Sinclair is caught between hell and…well hell…when the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 turns his entire world upside down.

With the US Army blowing up buildings around him, Denver must race the firestorm tearing through the ruined city, while a horde of flesh-hungry ghouls dogs every step between him and freedom. But it’s not just his life that he has to worry about now. He has to save his love. Denver has to wonder if maybe, this time, he's drawn his last bad hand.

But, there is one bright spot. Lady Zi might have been killed in the Earthquake. Denver hopes so anyhow. She doesn't like to share what is hers and if she catches him trying to escape the city he’ll wish he had let the fire have him.

Hard Luck Series

Urban Fantasy set in present day Las Vegas with a twist; the strange and unnatural are a part of everyday life and federal agencies are in place to try to protect normal humans and supernaturals alike.

Ante Up -

Jace’s vampire life sucks when she’s forced to fight the federal agency that oversees her very existence.

The bright lights of the Vegas strip cast some of the darkest shadows. Detective Jace Winters knows it all too well - in seven years on the LVPD she’s seen most of it. So when a dead girl turns up with a stake through her heart and her teeth ripped out, Jace doesn't even bat an eye.

But a quick scan of the girl’s ID chip shows that the victim is human, not a vampire at all. When the next victim IS a vampire, it all starts adding up to a serial killer cutting a bloody swath from Louisville to Las Vegas. But why kill a human girl? And why did the Department of Supernatural Affairs cover up the killings?

Jace knows one thing for sure -- trust the wrong person, and there’ll be a stake with her name on it....

I am currently pitching Ante Up to agents - please wish me luck!

Eighty-Sixed -

Work in progress. The first draft is done, but that's all I'm saying for now.

I'm currently pitching the first book in the series Ante Up to agents.

You can read my fic at fanficbylee.
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